An information and document exchange platform, The Edge Group Xchange is the most cost-effective, convenient way to communicate with suppliers and our corporate office. Boost accuracy, productivity, and lower the cost of doing business.

Send, receive and create the documents critical to your relationship with suppliers.

  • Invoices

    Receive electronic copies of invoices in a secure online document center with the option to integrate invoices directly into your ERP/accounting software.

  • Purchase Orders

    Send PO’s directly to suppliers.

  • Purchose Order Confirmations
    Purchase Order

    Receive supplier confirmations so you know
    the order was placed.

  • Statements

    Receive monthly statements in a secure online document centre. Authorize payments online, quickly and easily.

A lower cost of doing business is just the beginning

  • One connection, everyone connected

    With a single connection, you can exchange business-critical documents like remittance advices, invoices, statements and credits with an unlimited number of suppliers and the corporate office. No dedicated EDI team required.

  • One sourcefor all invoices

    Kept in one place, invoices are easy to search and locate.

  • Protect and Preserve

    All your invoice information remains secure, confidential and accessible for up to two years in our online document center.

  • Same Look,every time

    Consistent layout for every invoice makes processing and referencing quick and easy.

Your questions answered

  • How will I receive invoices through The Edge Group Xchange?

    When a new invoice arrives, you’ll receive an email with a link to our secure online document center. Once you’ve logged in, you can view and print your invoices.

  • How much does it cost to participate in The Edge Group Xchange?

    There are no costs associated with receiving invoices or other documents, or creating orders using the secure online document center. If you want to integrate directly with your ERP/Accounting software, additional fees will apply.

  • Can electronic invoices flow directly to my accounting software? What if I want to send purchase orders directly from my inventory management/ordering system?

    For a low cost, LBMX (our EDI provider) will supply a solution that integrates with your existing system. Once in place, both those features are active so you can run your business more efficiently.

  • What if I misplace an invoice?

    No worries. Electronic copies of invoices and other documents are stored in the secure online document center for two years. You can easily search and reprint any lost invoices.

  • What if I already do EDI with my suppliers?

    Our solution is easy to integrate your own EDI initiatives with The Edge Group Xchange. You’ll notice the number of suppliers you connect with electronically increases as the amount of time you spend maintaining/supporting your EDI system decreases. With The Edge Group Xchange, there is only one file format to worry about instead of one file format per supplier.

  • Can I do EDI with non-group suppliers?

    Yes, The Edge Group Xchange allows you to trade invoices and other documents with The Edge Group's approved suppliers. As part of our negotiated price with LBMX, setting up EDI with other suppliers is very cost-effective.




For more information

    We look forward to sharing more information on the The Edge Group Xchange or an integrated EDI solution, with you.

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