Send and receive the key supply chain documents using a single connection that fits seamlessly with your existing EDI process. Connect with 100% of our members, dramatically boost the speed of communication, reduce the cost of doing business. That's The Edge Group Xchange.

Send, receive and create the documents critical to our business relationship.

  • Invoices

    Create invoices and send them electronically with
    confirmation they’ve been received.

  • Purchase Orders
    purchase orders

    Receive PO’s with the data automatically entered
    into your shipping system.

  • Purchose Order Confirmations
    Purchase order

    Automatically send a confirmation and let the The Edge Group's member know the order was placed, including details like the corrected cost, quantities and replacements.

  • Remittance Advices
    Remittance Advices

    Send electronic record of payments so you can easily track which invoices have been paid as part of an EFT (electronic funds transfer) or ACH (automatic clearinghouse) bank transfer.

Quick, accurate communication is just the starting point

  • One connection, everyone connected

    With one simple connection through The Edge Group Xchange, you can connect and trade documents with every Edge Group Member and our corporate offices. Far more cost-effective and efficient than communicating with each member, one by one.

  • Seamless integration

    If you currently use EDI, thereís no need to change. Use what you have in place and continue to send files in existing formats.

  • Web-based, safe and secure

    If your system isnít capable of supporting EDI, or a few documents fall outside your capabilities, weíll provide free access to a secure online document center and a file management toolbox.

  • Minimal output, maximum return

    Eliminate the need for rekeying, saving time, and avoiding errors and delays. Lower your administrative labor costs, send invoices sooner for quicker payment, and lessen the load on office equipment, like your printers.

How The Edge Group Xchange works

  • Yes EDI
    If you currently
    use or support EDI

    Our partner provider, LBMX, will work with your EDI team to certify all documents at no cost, and test the transmission to ensure things are running smoothly.
    If necessary, they can provide custom data maps
    as well.

  • No EDI
    Not able
    to support EDI?

    Not a problem. We will provide free access to a secure online document center so you can send and receive business-critical documents.

Your questions answered

  • Do I have to switch EDI providers?

    Itís not necessary. If you are happy with your current EDI provider, then you may continue using them.

  • How do we get started?

    We will send you an EDI Implementation Guide that describes the requirements for each document type. LBMX will work with your EDI team to certify the files and fully test the file transmission to ensure things are running smoothly.

  • What if our system canít support all of the document types?

    Not a problem. We will provide you with access to a secure website where you can send/receive any unsupported documents types.

  • What if I can generate electronic files but they arenít in the required X-12 EDI format?

    If your system is unable to support the X-12 format requirement, LBMX can provide a low-cost mapping service to translate your files.

  • Will this cost me anything?

    There are no additional fees associated with participating in The Edge Group Xchange other than what you currently pay your EDI provider. Access to the tools in the secure online document center is free.

For more information

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